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Cultural Characteristics include language, dress, decent patterns, traditions and more. This category is for trading information about Cherokee culture.

The Paleo-Indians originated over 14,000 years ago in the Souther United States. They started off as hunter-gatherers. In the late Archaic period, the Cherokees began to farm specific plants such as lambsquarter, sunflower and squash. The Cherokee relied on the "three sisters," corn, beans and squash for their staples. Because they now had a constant and larger supply of food, they had more time on their hands. They used that time to build mounds and do art and crafts, have religiious ceremonies and develop new strains of plants such as corn called eastern flint.

The Cherokee operated under a clan system at this time. They had an organized group of elders who met to determine what they would do as a group. These elders were responsible for healing and prayer. The younger men were the warriors.

By the time of European contact the Cherokee were settled in sedentary villages there were over 200 large villages of 60 houses with a large council house. Their homes were round with wattle and daub walls with a smoke hole in the middle. They were partially submerged into the ground. After European contact, they began to live in log cabins. The villages only came together in times of ceremony and in times of war or conflict.

The Cherokee were matrilineal, meaning that the lineage passed through the women. Their language was Iroquioian.

The Cherokee eventually became known as one of the Five Civilized Tribes because they adopted many of the European customs after contact. They wrote their own constitution and they were the first to have a written language. It was written by Sequoyah. He developed the alphabet alone, which makes him the only single person to have accomplished such a feat alone.

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