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Post  bluebird on Mon Dec 14, 2009 12:28 am

What was some Christmas songs and activities in the early days of Arkansas City?
A lot of the same songs we sing today and if the ice was frozen solid some skating on the ice. Lot of cooking and presents around the tree.
The tree would have had nothing plastic .Probably glass decoration,popcorn on a string or ribbons of cloth.The trees would have been cut from the pasture and the smell was wonderful.
Farmers would have to feed the animals before anyone else and then Christmas dinner with family and perhaps friends that had no one to spend the day with. A lot of home made gifts.
Riding in a buggy with one horse,or a wagon with one or two horses to go to a family or friends home.
Christmas Eve some would have gone to church.
Just some ideas that the early days of Arkansas City and the surrounding area was like.
Merry Christmas to all from Harry and Sharon Drake December 2009. santa


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