oteo tribe

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oteo tribe

Post  bluebird on Thu Aug 06, 2009 9:57 am

Oteo language Chiwere. They were part of Souan Trible of Great Lakes.They separated and migrated south and west.
There was a split into 3 trabes ,Loway, Missouria and Oteo,who settled in the Nemaha Valley.
Oteo was first tribe to meet Lewis and Clark,place called Council Bluffs in Iowa.1817-1841.Oteo lived around Platte River in Nebraska.U.S. took that land 1854. Oteo reservation on Big Blue River on Ks.-Neb.state line on the Kansas River in North-east corner of kansas. 1881 tribe sold reservation and moved to Cherokee Outlet in Indian Territory,now Noble( city of Perry area) and Pawnee(city of Pawnee area) counties. They are based in Red Rock,Oklahoma A map shows they went as far south to middle of Oklahoma.bluebird


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