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Post  bluebird on Sun Jul 26, 2009 1:42 am

There was smaller engines called doodlebugs.They pulled one car for the engineer and passengers and cargo which also had mail. Sometimes there was two cars.The smaller trains crossed the nation with the Doodlebugs.Santa Fe used them for 48 years and 1934 was year of most use. They stopped using them in 1967.
One route during early 1930's started in Arkansas City and went south to newkirk and then southeast through country club lake on through other towns to Shawnee,Oklahoma. Intersected in Ripley with another Santa Fe line then east from Guthrie.The it turned back north and return back . This held for the next 20 years. Found this info. on the Winfield Courier,written by Mike Thompson
This is good to know ,our Grandson loves trains and most kids would have enjoyed these trains. Bluebird flower


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