3 hospital in A.C.

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3 hospital in A.C.

Post  bluebird on Wed Feb 24, 2010 2:49 pm

Thanks to Wilbur Killblaine and wife Elaine for information on the history of the hospitals.
Their names were Mercy, Stricklen and A.C. Hospital.
Mercy Hospital, built 1905. 801 north first street in Arkansas City.Almost at the spot the current one is now.
A.C. Hospital was opened in 1906, 828 S. B street. When closed turned into apartments. later the building torn down.
Stricklen Hospital opened in 1928. 1325 N. 1st. .Later closed and turned into apartments. Privately owned by Dr. H.M. Stricklen.
All served the people well. Sharon Drake Very Happy


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