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Post  bluebird on Fri Jan 01, 2010 3:03 am

Well, here it is the end of 2009. what a great year it has been . babies born, new marriages, loss of loved ones that will be missed,but want to be remembered for all the good times.
New business started and old business shut down. The rest of business moving along with day to day activities to keep the doors open.
A new hospital for Arkansas City started. School additions. New Doctors in town and some leaving. New bank buildings built.
Many of the folks in the county leaving for the war in Iraq or coming home with their time done.
The museum new activities and changing old ones. New members to this forum ,Thank you for your information to let us know where we came from.
Road improvements all over the county.Some got laid off their jobs and some started new jobs.
We all have our jobs to do no matter what it is or what age we are and the biggest job is to love our family and friends and help those in need . Take life one day at a time. Pray to God for guidance to get through each day. Look forward to another year,2010
Happy New Year To All. Harry and Sharon Drake


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