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light of the prairie

Post  bluebird on Mon Nov 30, 2009 8:17 am

Chilocco Indian School opened 1884 was called The light of the Prairie. Open area was beacon and landmark for people traveling west.
U.S. Congress authorized construction of theschool. Major James N. Haworth and his wife planned one big building.He was Superintendent of Indian Schools.It opened with 100 students on land donated by the Cherokee nation 1866.
There was 100 buildings with printing press, gas station, fire station,lumber shed. Golf course,granary, tennis courts,swimming pool,water tower and dorms. Also farming,gardening , dancing,proper table setting. Sewing,and education of school teaching.Music and band. They came to Arkalalah and marched in the parade,also showed dancing with their head dress and fancy dress. I hope I said that right.
18,000 students attended between 1884 and 1980.
126 tribes,5,542 students graduated High School. nearly half came from 4 tribes,Cherokee,Choctow,Navago and Creek.
From these many students,have helped make a better world.
A lot of these students still live here and are good citizens and raised their families here in Northern Oklahoma and Southern kansas.
The area was owned by a group that had folks on drugs and alcohol addication to help them,but left and now the tribes are trying to rebuild it for future use. Very Happy


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