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"Soiled Doves" Empty "Soiled Doves"

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For many years, like most western towns, Arkansas City had prostitutes selling their "goods." Many of the buildings on Summit Street had businesses on the main floor and brothels on the second floor. For instance, Taylor Drug, on the Southwest corner of Summit and Fifth Avenue had Big Kate and Alice working on the second floor. The building where the teen center is today, 220 S. Summit, had a brothel upstairs as well.

A Traveler article dated August 31, 1900 wrote that the judge got tired of having the police go out and arrest the "Soiled Doves" that he started having the prostitutes come in once a month to pay fines so that they wouldn't have to arrest them all the time. The article listed the prostitutes as: Georgia Stoddard $25, Bessie Ferguson $5, eddie Brooks $5, Maude Stewart $25, Rosa Dishman $5, Fannie Wells $5, Kate Graham $25, Marguerite Wright $5, May Ray $5, Gladys Gordon $5.

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