wasp during WWII

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wasp during WWII Empty wasp during WWII

Post  bluebird on Sat Sep 12, 2009 9:20 am

These women ferried aircraft, tested planes and were instructors to male pilots. I bet that was a struggle to teach the men to fly.ha Very Happy
Also they towed targets with their plane in the air for anti aircraft artillery practice. Doing that they were told if the bullets got to close to the plane they could land and go to their quarters. That happened in one incident twice and the pilot landed and went home until the men shooting were more careful.
There was 1,000 women Wasps.38 killed in line of duty.
The WASP program was started by Jacqueline Cochron and General Hap Arnold,Chief of Army Air Forces.
The WASP trained at Avenger Field ,Sweetwater,Texas.
These women were brought into the Wasp because so many men were fighting in the war.
They provided a vauable service . Life was not easy for them.bluebird


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